Lost in space


After my first week actually reporting for Discovery News – Space, I feel a bit as though I’m lost in space. I’ve learned a TON in just the past week, particularly about solar wind, radiation, etc. and its effects on the solar system (this is what my first story, a slideshow, is on). Despite the fact that I’m definitely learning, I still feel very much as though I’m writing space according to Barbie. However, this may not be such a bad thing (though that may be a bit premature to say as I’m still waiting on feedback, haha). Most readers won’t understand space to the extent the astrophysicists I’m interviewing do. They’re knowledge on space is probably more comparable to my own, so I have a perspective closer to theirs and (hopefully) can explain it in a way they understand. For example, I read my story to my roommates. They laughed while I was reading and by the end said they understood. So here’s hoping there’s actually some use for Barbie in space.


Discovery News


This past week marked the beginning of my shift working for Discovery News. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work here. I’ve already pitched three story ideas, all of which were accepted, and though space is not a topic with which I am particularly familiar I’m very excited to get to learn!



Ok, so I lied. I did one more assignment for Vox, and that was to cover Mizzou’s sober ride program, STRIPES. Originally I was assigned to do a ride-along in one of the cars to film the aftermath of a night out, but due to some obvious legal/liability issues, that didn’t work out. Instead I did a behind-the-scenes video at the STRIPES office and got some of the volunteers/employees to tell me some of their stories from sober-driving the students of Mizzou. There were some pretty funny ones, though I don’t think I’ll be allowed to post them all due to content… Overall it was a blast to film.

Check out the video here!

Last week at Vox


This past week was my last week working for Vox. Overall, Vox was a very enjoyable experience. I got to do a lot of video work, which was great considering I hadn’t done much since fall semester last year. By the end of my time at Vox I had become a lot more efficient at editing video. I also really enjoyed the stories I worked on. Though they weren’t “hard news” by any means, I got to meet some really interesting people that I probably never would have met otherwise, one of my favorite aspects of journalism. I’m definitely going to miss working here.

The last video I did for Vox was about ATV repairman David Swindell. Check it out here!

Motocross madness


Last week I was assigned a story for Vox about a man who runs his own motor bike/ATV repair shop. I thought this would mostly entail me shooting video of him doing repairs, running the shop. Come to find out this guy, David, not only repairs bikes, but he also rides. Today I got to film David riding his ATV at Finger Lakes Park, as well as chat with him for a while. His stories from riding were a blast to here. He seems to have incurred every possible injury to both his ride and himself. The best part of the afternoon was the shooting. David took me to a safe spot in the middle of the track from where I could shoot. Riders on motocross bikes and ATVs flew and jumped past me at insane speeds, engines revving at a deafening volume. It was very difficult to try to shoot them, as they were riding so fast, but once I got the rhythm of the track down, it became a bit easier. Just standing on that track, filming, was such a rush. Kind of makes me want to jump on a bike to see what that feels like.