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DIAGRAM: How the MU power plant’s new biomass boiler works

The MU power plant’s new wood-burning boiler, supplied by Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group Inc., is a bubbling fluidized bed boiler similar to the one depicted below. The boiler converts wood chips to energy through the process described below, providing nearly a quarter of MU’s energy.

*the fonts are a little distorted in this image – click on the image to see the original on the Missourian website

MU Power Plant boiler

This was one of the more challenging projects I’ve worked on as a journalist. The biomass boiler used at the Mizzou power plant is a complex machine, and as someone with no prior knowledge of energy production, it was difficult for me to understand. One advantage, though, of not having a clue what I was doing – once I got it, it was easy to make understandable.


CSS technique – rollovers


Blog assignment four:  find a CSS technique you like in practice on a website and explain how it works.

This is such a simple technique that a lot of websites use, but I find it to be such a helpful one when navigating a website.

Rollovers are created in CSS by creating an “a:hover” state, “a:active” state and “a:visited” state. One website that uses rollovers in navigation is the class site for the class I’m taking at When you hover over each of the tabs in the navigation, a blue bar appears over the tab. When you click on the tab, the blue bar remains over the tab, so you know you’re on that page.