Photo Friday – “Over”


I edited this photo with DeluxeFX and a new app (for me) called Over. Over’s concept is simple – it allows you lay text over a photo. It’s design is as simple as its concept, and as brilliant as it is simple. The app uses a wheel for a menu, recalling that navigation ingrained in me by my old iPod. It’s all very intuitive. Users have 27 fonts to choose from – all of which are beautiful and fresh. Sharing on social media is streamlined and easy. The app is $1.99, but a $1.99 well spent. for 99 cents more, you can gain access to a greater inventory of fonts. These include a lot of your basics – think the stuff that already came programmed into your Microsoft Word.

Here’s my photo, taken at Smuggler’s Cove Adventure Mini Golf (where real live alligators live, including an albino gator!).

Smuggler's Cove

Edited with DeluxeFX and Over apps


First Photo Friday of the New Year!


It’s a new year, so I’m trying out some new photo editing apps. For this photo, I used InstaPlace and DeluxeFX (which I’ve used before, and remains a favorite).

InstaPlace is geared towards editing photos for Instagram. It allows you to add text to your photo, showing your followers where you are, when you were there and what you thought of the place. My favorite aspect of this app is the typography – it’s clean and attractive. Not cheesy like a lot of other apps out there. This app is meant for instant editing and posting, which has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are editing your photo right away from the place where it was taken, InstaPlace will automatically track down your location and add it to your photo. It will also add the time. If you are editing your photo later, after you have left the location where it was taken, you can edit the location, but you can not edit the time. There are options that do not include the time. This was my case in editing this photo, and thus the reason I used text that did not include a time and date.

There is a free version of the app, but it comes with a lot of ads and automatically places the app’s logo on your photo. To avoid this, you can pay the 99 cent upgrade to the pro version. I currently have the free version, but I’m planning to upgrade. It’s a great app, definitely worth the 99 cents.

Here’s my DeluxeFX/InstaPlace photo from Siesta Key beach on New Year’s Eve!



Siesta Key Beach on New Year’s Eve


Executive Fitness challenge


For the new year, the Gulf Coast Business Review (one of the papers I design with the Observer Media Group) did a special issue that turned out to be one of my favorite designs I’ve ever done, so I just have to share.

The issue was called “Executive Fitness.” It focused on how successful executives from the Florida Gulf Coast excelled not only in business, but in fitness as well. We featured 12 executives who stay in shape through a variety of physical activities, from yoga to mixed martial arts, ballroom dance to roller derby. Some stories, like that of the double amputee who competes in triathlons, inspired on a whole other level (and make me feel a little guilty for not getting to that gym across the street…).

For the design of this issue, I got to break from our traditional layouts and do something a little different. I instructed our photographers to take photos that would work as cutouts, and they did a stellar job. Each executive athlete featured was cut out of their picture and placed next to their story, larger than life. I also got to use a good deal of white space, a rare treat in newspaper design. The cutout process was tedious, but well worth it in the end, as I got to design an issue in a style I thoroughly enjoy creating – clean and balanced, yet still quite striking.

You can check out the e-issue here: