The redesign


Now that season is over, I’m finally getting around to writing about this …

On February 5, the Observer launched a full redesign of all its Sarasota-area print publications. Our new look was created by the brilliant and fabulous Pegie Stark. She drew inspiration from the artist Mondrian to create a grid-based design filled with color and impact, yet still flowing and feeling lighter (thank you, white space). The new fronts add more entry points than we had before. Each element acts as “moveable furniture,” changing position from week to week and keeping us out of our past stale routine. Pegie also emphasized Mario Garcia’s W.E.D. philosophy (writing, editing, design) as she worked with us to create the design. We’re incorporating different elements into each page, keeping the stories and look interesting and varied.

That’s my short version. Here’s our editor/CEO’s long version.

It’s been a lot of fun to work with this new design. Working on an expanded grid with a broader color palette and white space has challenged me to be creative in new ways. My duties are still the same – designing the Arts+Culture and Black Tie sections, creating graphics (I got to create all-new styles!) and assisting on special features and designs for the city papers (often our page threes).

And now for some before and afters …

Front page, Longboat Observer:


Page three, East County Observer:



Neighborhood cover, Sarasota Observer:



Cover, Arts+Culture (formerly Diversions):


Cover jump, Arts+Culture:



Cover, Black Tie:


Picture page, Black Tie (my favorite transformation):

BlackTiePicPageAnd last, a new addition that I design for the Sarasota Observer. Our page two is now “What’s Happening” – a collection of briefs in a variety of styles that change from week to week.




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